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The Largest Super Low-Res Asset Collection

Minifantasy is the largest top-down fantasy asset collection at 8x8 resolution out there! 

Originally released in April 2020, Minifantasy has been expanding with a new asset pack every month since then.


The collection will keep growing with a constant stream of regular new content, through new pack releases and Patreon exclusive sprites.


35+ Main Asset Packs

4500+ Tiles

650+ Props

90+ Creatures

Different biomes, dungeons, towns, castles, ships, mounts, crafting, magic, GUI, icons... And much more to discover!

100+ Patreon Exclusive Addons

Including additional features, tilesets, props, creatures, icons and more!

Who said 8x8 resolution is boring?

Dive into the wonders of the extremely detailed, yet super low-res, universe of Minifantasy

Thousands Of Tiles And Hundreds of Props!

Dozens Of Characters, Monsters And Other Creatures!

Lots of Other Resources To Help You Make Your Game!

Minifantasy offers a wide range of fantasy-themed tilesets. From underground sets such as dungeons and caves to biomes like deserts, swamps and many more. Every tileset is accompanied by a selection of props for bringing your scenes to life. 

The best part of Minifantasy tilesets is that thanks to their modularity, they can be easily combined with each other increasing drastically the creative options they offer you. 


Minifantasy also brings a complete collection of super low-res characters, animals and monsters fully animated in 4 directions. All of them include a base set of animations (idle, walk, dmg and die) along with special animations depending on the creature type (such as attacks and other special animations).

Inside the collection, you will find all you need to populate your fantasy world with friends and foes. Despite their size, all these creatures are incredibly detailed and charming!


Minifantasy collection doesn't limit only to tilesets and creatures, it also includes many other characteristics and add-ons that you will need along the way to making your dream game.

To mention some: A complete crafting and professions set, countless 8x8 icons, UI assets, mounts add-on, Spells add-on, weapons add-on and many more!

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All The Asset Packs Released In the Minifantasy Collection To Date!

Since April 2020, a new Minifantasy asset pack has been released in the collection every month. More than 2 years of continuous work to build up one of the largest asset collections out there.

In you will find over 35 complete Minifantasy asset packs, with thousands of tiles, hundreds of props and dozens of characters. All you need to make your top-down fantasy game!

A new Minifantasy asset pack will still be released every month. Don't forget to follow me (Krishna Palacio) on Itch to stay updated about new releases!


Enjoy QOL Improvements With Minifantasy In The Unity Asset Store!

Minifantasy asset packs are being published in the Unity Asset Store. 

For these packages, we are working on some QOL features for Unity devs, including:


  • Basic Rule Tiles

  • Prop Prefabs

  • Character Prefabs

  • And more!

Due to the extra work required to include the QOL features, we will be publishing a couple of Minifantasy packages every month during this year. Our objective is to catch up and have published the whole collection by 2023 4 Q.

Our plans include updating Minifantasy packs to add also the unity packages as an option. However, for the moment, the Unity packages are only available in the Unity Asset Store. 

Check the Unity Asset Store to see the already available packs!

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Support Minifantasy And Get New Releases And Exclusive Sprites

From just $3/month, you get:

  • A new Minifantasy asset pack on Itch every month

  • Patreon exclusive monthly Content (new creatures, extra features and icons)

  • Instant access to the Minifantasy exclusive archive containing all those juicy Minifantasy extras!

  • Voting rights to decide the theme of the next Minifantasy pack.

  • Access to our amazing and super talented Dev Community in Discord

  • 50% OFF coupons for any previously released pack

If you want to influence Minifantasy direction, higher tiers also get:

  • Voting rights to decide the Patreon exclusive sprites.

  • Rights to Suggest Minifantasy pack themes. These suggestions go to the monthly poll.

  • Rights to suggest Patreon exclusive sprites (new creatures, extra features and icons). These suggestions go to the monthly poll.

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